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Personal health, lifestyle <br>and energy manager

Personal health, lifestyle
and energy manager

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Top experts

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Support 24/7

Reliable source <br>of information

Reliable source
of information


Build a mindful community with the goal of achieving healthy, productive longevity.

We put a person at the center of his universe and focus on 12 areas of life: time, space, spirituality, beauty, hobbies, nutrition, health, business, happiness, family, lifestyle, society.

The project was created for people who strive for a fulfilling and healthy life, practice a mindful, careful attitude to themselves and their environment, strive for sustainable development, are aimed at achieving the highest results, despite the lack of time and information overload.

We strive to create our own ecosystem, which combines:

– useful information on on-line platform;

– consultation with experts;

– own print edition;

– market place of eco-goods;

– events (workshops, art therapy, marathons)


Veronika Gamieva CEO / Founder VITAGURU – N1 Holistic Lifestyle Platform Media Market Place.

The idea of ​​founding the VITAGURU platform arose back in 2015 from the task of creating a unique expert assistant in the field of health problems prevention and a mindful lifestyle, in order to make health more accessible and to popularize health problems prevention and a mindful holistic lifestyle. And also provide doctors, trainers, coaches with other experts the opportunity to advise clients without spending time on maintaining their own Site and promoting their services, and selling healthy functional goods and products to manufacturers through our marketplace.

Before the creation of the Vitaguru platform, was co-owner and CEO of KULA fruit and vegetable holding, creator and CEO of Bebio organic store chain and online store, owner of NLI Systems Management – asset management, personal capital, business support, financial and tax investment consulting  and investment company 


Катерина Тугушева, выпускающий редактор портала VITAGURU

Журналист, фотограф, вегетарианка, спортсмен-любитель, занимается йогой, участник бегового клуба adidas Runners Kyiv, филиала международного бегового комьюнити adidas Runners. 

Работала в лучших украинских СМИ и интернет-изданиях, в медиа уже больше 10 лет.

“Работа в VITAGURU вдохновляет, мне хочется делиться своим опытом, развиваться вместе со своей командой, учиться новому и совершенствоваться. Здесь я на 100% чувствую себя на своем месте. Это главное: найти то, что тебе действительно нравится, то, что делает тебя счастливой”. 



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